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Animal Husbandry Fences

Kraal Network is also called field netting, which is widely used in America and Europe as animal husbandry fences.

Automatic mechanical production features: save a lot of labor, reduce labor intensity of workers, add 2T-3T mechanical pressure during winding to make the mesh surface smooth, the structure is firm and precise, the mesh is uniform, and the integrity is strong. In particular, the advanced pressure wave technology is used to press a 12mm deep and 40mm wide bend between each grid. This bend is commonly known as "wave" to make the mesh surface smoother, and relieve thermal expansion and contraction in areas with large climate changes in winter and summer. When a beast hits, the mesh surface automatically returns to increase the buffering force of the mesh surface.

Field netting are generally made of hot-dip galvanized wire, and the amount of zinc applied is generally 60 to 100 grams per square meter. The requirement for wet areas is higher, and about 230 grams of wire is used. Recently, cold galvanized wire is also used in Africa. Horizontal wire, tensile strength 80KG-90KG to increase the impact resistance of the net. Vertical wire, low carbon steel wire with tensile strength 40KG-50KG so as to be wound on horizontal wire. (Add 2T-3T mechanical pressure during winding to prevent vertical wire from sliding).