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Features of galvanized welded wire mesh

1, galvanized welded wire mesh has a very thick galvanized layer, this layer of zinc is also very fine, it can completely wrap around the welded wire mesh, so as to avoid the steel substrate and any corrosive solution contact, to avoid corrosion of welded wire mesh. It is especially resistant to corrosion in marine salt spray and industrial atmospheres.

  2. The zinc layer on the surface of galvanized welded wire mesh is very thick, which increases the abrasion resistance of welded wire mesh.

  3. The zinc layer has good ductility, so that the zinc layer is firmly bonded to the welded wire mesh by means of galvanizing, so that it can be cold-punched, rolled, drawn, bent, etc. without damaging the coating.

  4. After galvanizing, the steel workpiece can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the steel substrate, eliminate the stress of steel forming and welding, and facilitate the deep processing of the steel structure.

  5、After galvanizing, the surface of welded wire mesh is smooth and clean, and the zinc plating is white, colored and military green after passivation by chromic acid, which is beautiful and decorative. And it is easy to clean, a wipe with a rag will be clean as new.

  6、However, the service life of galvanized welded wire mesh will be different for different galvanizing methods. The service life of hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh is 7-20 years, and the service life of cold-dip galvanized welded wire mesh is 1-5 years.