Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire

Wire diameter: 1.3mm to 3.0mm
Length: 25m,45m,100m,200m ,etc
Material: Low carbon iron wire
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Galvanized tension wire has good toughness and elasticity, and the maximum zinc loading can reach 300 g/m2.  With galvanized layer thick, strong corrosion resistance and other characteristics.  

Product Details:

Place of Origin:Hebei, China

Material:Low carbon iron wire

Wire diameter:1.3mm to 3.0mm

Length:25m,45m,100m,200m ,etc

Special specifications can be customized


Because of the thickness of the coating, hot dip galvanizing has better protective performance than electric galvanizing, so it is an important protective coating for steel parts in harsh working environment.  Hot dip galvanized products are widely used in chemical equipment, petroleum processing, Marine exploration, metal structure, power transmission, shipbuilding and other industries, in the agricultural field such as pesticide irrigation, greenhouse and construction industry such as water and gas transmission, wire casing, scaffolding, Bridges, highway guardrail and other aspects, has been widely used.  

The package:

Waterproof paper or wooden palleting.

Surface treatment: 

Electric galvanized,hot dip galvanized.


Specification List of  Galvanized wire
Wire(mm) Length(m)
1.30  100.00 
1.50  100.00 
1.80  100.00 
2.00  100.00 
2.20  100.00 
2.40  100.00 
2.70  100.00 
3.00  100.00 

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