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Introduce About Metal Steel Wire Mesh

What Is Metal Steel Wire Mesh?

Metal wire mesh, also known as metal wire mesh or steel wire fabric, is a widely used product with thousands of different applications around the world. The reason why wire mesh has become a product with strong adaptability is that it can produce countless specifications. According to the different manufacturing capacity, almost endless wire combinations of opening size and diameter can be produced in braided or welded structures. When separation or filtration is required, the screen is usually used for industrial applications; It is also popular in commercial applications, such as insect screening or animal fencing. The wider application of wire mesh includes: various types of safety nets, such as window, machine and stairwell panel protection, fireplace screen, green mesh wire, drainage ditch protection, ventilation and RFI shielding. Recently, wire mesh has entered the field of architecture and art.

Difference Between Woven Wire Mesh And Welded Wire Mesh

Plastic extrusion, pharmaceuticals, roads and high-rise apartments. These are only a small part of many industries. When the grid is properly integrated, these industries will flourish. There are dozens of mesh solutions on the market, such as woven wire mesh and welded mesh, which depends on engineers, project managers and laboratory technicians to choose the right one. The galvanized steel wire mesh after manufacturing has advantages over the galvanized steel wire before manufacturing. The reason lies in its manufacturing method. The galvanized steel wire mesh can be welded or woven. After welding or weaving, immerse the mesh in the molten zinc bath. Zinc is combined with the wire surface to completely seal the wire and prevent rust and corrosion.

What is woven mesh?

The woven metal mesh is best described as a predetermined number of metal wires interwoven together to form a roll or piece of metal cloth supporting a specific pattern. When weaving wire mesh, you can customize the wire diameter, opening (aperture) size, micron grade, weaving pattern, width, length and other parameters according to your specific needs.

Definition of welded wire mesh

Welded wire mesh is a series of steel wires. One of several welding technologies is used to weld at the cross section of the steel wire. The most common ones are TIG and spot welding. When the wire passes through the thorough welding process, the opening size of the metal mesh is largely permanent.

Why Buying Galvanized Wire Mesh Is Important?

When you want to use steel wire mesh in the project, you must consider the advantages provided by GAW products. (galvanized after wire). Think about the cost and labor involved in replacing the rapidly rusty GBW network. Invest in high-quality products. metal wire mesh is worth covering many applications, such as green fence wire. The wire mesh with galvanizing process is more important. There are top 5 benefits to choose galvanized metal wire mesh.

1. Longer duration

2. Can withstand rough use

3. Completely protect the joint from rust and corrosion

4. There is an extra thick zinc coating

5. The area of galvanized wire mesh before corrosion is more useful