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Is the mesh of galvanized welded wire mesh uniform?

The production of galvanized welded wire mesh is mainly welding, the purchase process requires careful observation of the welded joints, so galvanized welded wire mesh mesh is uniform? Next, we will explain in detail.

The mesh of poor quality materials is not uniform, sometimes it is larger in some places and smaller in others, and the surface does not look flat, which is usually the case with poor quality materials. Many people do not know how to judge the quality of galvanized welded wire mesh because they are purchasing it for the first time, but in fact, if we compare the childish material with the poor quality material, we can see that there is a big difference between the two.

The quality material, the net is very uniform, the grid size is consistent, giving a very neat feeling, and the surface of such material is also very flat, and does not give a visual impression of unevenness. So there is really a big difference between a high quality grid and a poor quality grid. The equipment used by many large companies in the production of galvanized welded wire mesh is high-end equipment, so the grid of this material produced by these companies is very uniform and the grid is woven evenly.

On the one hand, the visual effect looks better, on the other hand, the uniformity of the grid also means that the material is more flexible and able to withstand greater pressure, if the grid is not uniformly woven, the strength of the material will be greatly reduced, and it is because the grid is not uniformly woven, so the surface will also appear uneven. So now many business leaders in the procurement of this material, will take these two criteria to measure.