PVC Coated Euro Wire Mesh Fencing/Garden Wire Fencing

Material: iron wire
wire diameter: 1.3mm-3.0mm
Length of roll: 5m,10m,20m, 25m, 30m
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Garden wire fencing is a cost-effective, simple yet practical barrier. It is easy to erect and ideal for securing children and pets in, or keeping rabbits & muntjac away from valuable plants.

We stock a range of heights, mesh styles and sizes and lengths of roll. Each type has its own practical use and aesthetic appeal.

Frame Finishing: PVC Coated

Material:iron wire

Finishing:galvanized wire, dark green  coated

Euro fence use:holland fence,garden fence high way fence

Package:30m/roll,colorful paper inside, plastic film

wire diameter:1.3mm-3.0mm

Length of roll:5m,10m,20m, 25m, 30m

Height of roll:0.6m-2m

Euro Fence Application:

Pvc coated euro fence provides a strong and cost effective solution to protect and secure whilst still allowing visibility. It is used in all types of industries including building and agriculture.euro fence has many applications and is available in a wide selection of wire gauges. It can be self colour.it can be used:1.Barrier fencing 2.Garden and park 3.High way or railway.4.FarmlandFactory or city sheet.5.Ventilator guards


Each roll with plastic film absorbed.

Carton packing,pallet packing or packing as per the customer's request.

Specification list

Mesh Height Length Wire Diameter
In Inch In MM cm m mm
2" X 2" 50.8 X 50.8 60-200 5-30m 1.3mm-1.7mm
2" X 3" 50.8 X 76.2
2" X 4" 50.8 X 101.6
3" X 4" 76.2 X 101.6

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