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Stainless steel welded wire mesh as a fence in aquaculture

Most of the nylon nets are used for breeding. For the standard hanging modern breeding enterprises, the nylon texture of the fence can no longer meet the needs of enterprise development. Stainless steel welded wire mesh with its bright appearance and good corrosion resistance is quite popular among companies.

An aquaculture enterprise uses stainless steel welded wire fence to make fence for Chinese turtle farming, which is a successful example of using stainless steel welded wire fence for aquaculture.

The material of the fence is stainless steel, 304 is recommended, and 316 is recommended for seawater aquaculture.

The mesh size is 25 mm × 25 mm (i.e., one inch stainless steel welded wire mesh).

Use galvanized iron pipe or stainless steel pipe for the pile column, column spacing of 2.4 m. Stainless steel welded wire mesh under the edge of the iron plate clamped, about 80 cm deep into the bottom mud, the soil is loose directly into the hard soil layer need to use iron rowan digging trench 40 cm deep, and then into the 40 cm. fence above the water surface 1.0 ~ 1.5 m, the upper set pressure mouth. A 1.2 m wide bamboo row was set up in the center of the fence as a walkway for people and a place for the turtles to dry their backs.

A camera was installed every 50 m around the perimeter of the fence to facilitate anti-theft management and to monitor any obvious abnormalities in the fish and turtles. A cage is placed around the fence to check the presence of Chinese soft-shelled turtles to determine if the fence is broken or if any turtles have escaped.

Our factory can produce 2.5m wide stainless steel welded wire mesh, made of Jiangsu 304, with uniform wire diameter and no more than 2 wire difference between the top and bottom. The surface is smooth, no burr, no scratch. No matter stretching or cutting, it will not open weld, so it is the best choice for breeding.