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How to understand rebar mesh and rebar skeleton

1、Processing the vertical of the reinforcing bar, divided into small sections as required.

2、Shock and crack performance The longitudinal and transverse bars of the welded steel mesh form a mesh structure, so it is well bonded and anchored to the concrete, and the load borne can be evenly spread and distributed, obviously the shock and crack performance of the reinforced concrete structure. According to the actual test, the road laying welded reinforcement mesh can reduce the occurrence of cracks than the manually tied mesh. It greatly reduces the unnecessary cost and shortens the construction period, the use of reinforcing mesh is simple and convenient, and the reinforcing mesh is easy to transport.

3、Welded wire mesh mesh size and wire diameter thickness is in line with the standard

4、The finished products are placed away from the processing site and stacked in the designated finished products warehouse. The storage environment should have ventilation and other facilities.

The hardness of concrete bridge deck reinforcing mesh construction; including the key lime mix, added packaging materials, you need to pay attention to calculate the size of the building, the calculated specifications must meet the quality standards and construction standards.

Based on the PLC basic control of the multifunctional combination of the reinforcing mesh welder and the reinforcing mesh line welder supporting equipment At present, the automatic mesh welder has the characteristics of simple operation, high control accuracy, easy to master the process of high-speed continuous welding.

When excavating tunnels in strata where the rock is not hard and incomplete, it is generally necessary to excavate inflow pits (also known as guide holes) and set up temporary support.