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Hengshui LeadWalking Metals Products Co.,Ltd

Hengshui LeadWalking Metals Products Co.,LTD,established in 2008. is an “AAA class”.We currently have 20 employees who are professionals in the trading industry joined our family. LeadWalking is a rising company that keeps growing and expanding. In 2018,we generated sales of 10 million US dollars,which was a new high since our foundation. Our main products are welded wire mesh,farm fencing,hexagonal netting,barbed wire,gabion boxes,iron wire,etc.Most of our products are export to Europe,America,South America,and so on.
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2021-10-12 The use of the Filed fence
The first consideration in deciding on what fence to use is its purpose. Fencing is most commonly used for livestock confinement, but species, age, breed and production system must be taken into
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2021-10-12 Use And Types Of Welded Wire Mesh
Use of welded wire mesh:     The welded wire mesh is a metal wire screen that is made up of low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire. It is available in various sizes and shapes.
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2021-08-23 Advantages of Chain Link Fencing
Looking around, you may find that chain link fencing is the most common type of fencing. For good reason, it is the obvious choice for many people due to its simplicity and affordability.For us, chain
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2021-08-20 How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Garden?
As well as being practical, garden fencing can really improve the appearance of an outdoor space. This guide covers the important aspects to consider when choosing a garden fence, so you can get the
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2021-08-20 What Fencing is Best Appropriate For a Farming Ranch?
Fence are utilized to regulate the wild pets' kind of damages to the crop or farms. Agricultural Fencing can be picked by relying on the crop plant, location of the ranch, location of the ranch,
With a detailed
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