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Hengshui LeadWalking Metals Products Co.,Ltd

Hengshui LeadWalking Metals Products Co.,LTD,established in 2008. is an “AAA class”.We currently have 20 employees who are professionals in the trading industry joined our family. LeadWalking is a rising company that keeps growing and expanding. In 2018,we generated sales of 10 million US dollars,which was a new high since our foundation. Our main products are welded wire mesh,farm fencing,hexagonal netting,barbed wire,gabion boxes,iron wire,etc.Most of our products are export to Europe,America,South America,and so on.
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2024-07-18 Why Choose a 3D Fence for Superior Security and Aesthetics
When it comes to securing properties with style and durability, I always recommend a 3D fence. This type of fencing is designed to meet the highest European and American quality standards, ensuring
With a detailed
2023-02-08 Wire Mesh With install Tips
Will Architectural Wire Mesh Rust?A centuries-old weaving process creates a fabric of interlocked individual wires, which is best known as architectural wire mesh. As parameters such as weave pattern,
With a detailed
2023-02-07 Introduce About Metal Steel Wire Mesh
What Is Metal Steel Wire Mesh?Metal wire mesh, also known as metal wire mesh or steel wire fabric, is a widely used product with thousands of different applications around the world. The reason why
With a detailed
2023-02-02 Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh With Top 5 Its Applications
What Is Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh?Welded wire mesh, also known as welded steel mesh, is made of low-carbon steel wire. The welded mesh is made of durable steel wire, which is electrically welded at
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2022-11-24 How to understand rebar mesh and rebar skeleton
1、Processing the vertical of the reinforcing bar, divided into small sections as required.2、Shock and crack performance The longitudinal and transverse bars of the welded steel mesh form a mesh
With a detailed
2022-11-01 Features of galvanized welded wire mesh
1, galvanized welded wire mesh has a very thick galvanized layer, this layer of zinc is also very fine, it can completely wrap around the welded wire mesh, so as to avoid the steel substrate and any
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2022-10-29 Stainless steel welded wire mesh as a fence in aquaculture
Most of the nylon nets are used for breeding. For the standard hanging modern breeding enterprises, the nylon texture of the fence can no longer meet the needs of enterprise development. Stainless
With a detailed
2022-10-14 Is the mesh of galvanized welded wire mesh uniform?
The production of galvanized welded wire mesh is mainly welding, the purchase process requires careful observation of the welded joints, so galvanized welded wire mesh mesh is uniform? Next, we will
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