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Hengshui LeadWalking Metals Products Co.,Ltd

Hengshui LeadWalking Metals Products Co.,LTD,established in 2008. is an “AAA class”.We currently have 20 employees who are professionals in the trading industry joined our family. LeadWalking is a rising company that keeps growing and expanding. In 2018,we generated sales of 10 million US dollars,which was a new high since our foundation. Our main products are welded wire mesh,farm fencing,hexagonal netting,barbed wire,gabion boxes,iron wire,etc.Most of our products are export to Europe,America,South America,and so on.
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2022-09-13 Chain Link Fence
Chain Link FenceIt is the most common fence on the market, easily recognizable with its diamond mesh, it is nonetheless a quality product.Adapting to all types of environments and particularly robust,
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2022-08-08 What is the reason for the fracture of galvanized welded wire mesh?
According to the quality of galvanized welded wire mesh, it is generally not easy to crack, but when the galvanized welded wire mesh cracks, the reasons are more complicated, so what is the reason for
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2022-06-21 Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh
Welded wire mesh is one of the most versatile mesh fencing products.Weld the steel wire into the shape of the mesh, then hot dip galvanized.A full line of galvanized welded mesh rolls for perimeter
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2022-03-17 Hexagonal Wire Netting
Hexagonal wire netting: also known as twisted flower net, chicken net, soft edge net, thermal insulation net.According to the weaving method, it can be divided into positive twist hexagonal mesh,
With a detailed
2022-03-17 Advantages Of Field Fencing
Field fences are generally called grassland nets, also known as grassland nets, grassland fences, cattle fences, grassland cattle fences, isolation nets, grassland isolation nets, fence nets, field
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2021-11-19 Animal Husbandry Fences
Kraal Network is also called field netting, which is widely used in America and Europe as animal husbandry fences.Automatic mechanical production features: save a lot of labor, reduce labor intensity
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2021-11-12 Introduction And Use Of Hexagonal Netting
Hexagonal netting is a twisted steel wire mesh with hexagonal openings. Our hex netting is available in many mesh sizes with a variety of width and length sizes. It is a widely used and versatile mesh
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2021-11-03 How Is Wire Mesh Made?
What is Wire Mesh?Wire mesh is a common type of metal screen consisting of parallel rows and intersecting columns of wire. Although similar in appearance and their applications, perforated metal sheet
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