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The use of the Filed fence

The first consideration in deciding on what fence to use is its purpose. Fencing is most commonly used for livestock confinement, but species, age, breed and production system must be taken into account. Next, the field fence supplier will share the following content with you.


Most fence types can be used for cattle, so assess factors such as expense, ease of construction and life expectancy of the material. Woven wire, barbed wire and high-tensile fences are commonly used. When bulls are penned separately, consider using heavy posts, with thick-gauge wire or cable and other strong electric fencing options. Fences for handling facilities should be strong, tall and visible.


For sheep, predator control is a high priority. Electric fences are useful for discouraging predators such as wild dogs and coyotes. Barbed wire is not as effective for sheep, as the barbs tend to get covered in wool.


Visibility is necessary when selecting fencing for horses. Barbed wire can tear a horse’s hide, and horses can become entangled in high-tensile fences. High-tensile fences can be made more visible by placing posts closer together or hanging ribbons. Field fences are ideal for horses and woven wire fences can also be used.


Swine require strong fences built low to the ground to prevent them from escaping by rooting. Barbed wire along the bottom of the fence helps prevent rooting. Fences around swine confinement areas need to be strong and able to withstand heavy use.

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